“Journalist, singer” of high sensitivity – Second Podcast from North Macedonia

An important part of our project, E-motion – potential of highly sensitivity, is to spread knowledge about sensitivity. We had the privilege that the person we interviewed for Podcast was a well-known journalist, director of TV, writer, singer in the city of Debar, but also beyond. He shared his experiences with us, both, personal and professional, negative and positive. Kenan Mimidinoski, director of a channel television in Debar, journalist, lawyer, member of a music group “Enigma group”, writer of books, husband, dad, and performer writes about his experience as follows: “I am proud of having succeeded in life, my assessment is that I succeeded, you know where I succeeded? I succeeded because I didn’t need any support even as a student, I had the opportunity to have large families that could help me, my father did not come to any professor to help me as is now in most of the cases, unfortunately. Second, in my career for example in music, I was brave to make a band that doesn’t have…. for fun we sang songs and hits from other bands, but we had our own original songs, so I was proud of the work we did with labor. And while I was studying with hard work and its great pride for me, now for journalism to tell you well I live by journalism. When it comes to moments of being a loser or being a winner etc. I was not a loser, by nature I am an optimist. There are certain periods in our political life, where as a journalist I have had pressures from this period, especially in the period of pluralism. When the Political parties came and they were pressuring us, those were hard times I have to admit, but those opponents when they came, I was the radio director and there were such pressures and so on. In time I managed to make friends by telling the truth then and now. The greatest enemies of that time are now my best friends, I persuaded them to make them from enemies to friends, in the context of which I was bothered I don’t know if they needed this or that… we live in a political climate with political tensions and today they are trying but I think I was not a loser in any time in my life, I was not a gambler so I have lost nothing materially. Regarding what profession I did wrong or not, I would be wrong if I were a good lawyer or judge, I do not know I work this profession I work with love, meaning 35 years, and I do not regret what I do to you to be honest, and I have won because I have achieved what I wanted to do in life, people appreciate you, these are small towns but my name is well known and if we did well, we came up with a career, it would help kids and my friends, I have a lot of friends on all sides and that means spreading friendship will help to survive not only us as journalists in other professions. For example, I have friends from other professions, and we often sit down: “How do you get along in these tumultuous times?” We get along if we work it out … at times you will have tension but tomorrow they will realize that it is not easy to influence on you. So we succeed I’m satisfied with life. When talking about unfortunate events I would single out one who left a mark on me but still understand the situation. I was a correspondent for MTV in Tirana. At the time when what happened… in Albania happened the collapse of the system, with 3-4 colleagues, we were in the south of Albania then it happened, there it started in Vlora and we couldn’t get to the capital, we decided go to Greece, then we will go back to our country and so on, I don’t want to spread too much. By the way we were in a village near Gjirokastra on the border with Greece and the situation was so bad there, we had money, we were three or four journalists, one was Croatian two were from other states and for two or three days we were left without food, this I tell you openly, no one accepted us in the families, that was a difficult moment for me, I have recounted elsewhere, leave a trace in me, I want to say in our profession leave traces incidents when they do occur, these wars, riot. As far as the best event was concerned, I was overwhelmed when I was told for the meeting at the US Embassy when I was selected by those who would go to America for training, to tell you openly, because I have not seen America and I was offered a training without the money we say and you will learn… at Missouri University… positive things. There we learned all the good things about our profession, there are many … for example I have had many interviews with statesmen etc, so there are many. And in our little world where we live in Debar I have so many positive events that I was happy to find myself now.”

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