“Journalist” of high sensitivity – First Podcast from North Macedonia

An important part of our project, E-motion – potential of highly sensitivity, is to spread knowledge about sensitivity. We had the privilege that the person we interviewed for Podcast was a well-known journalist in the city of Debar, but also beyond. She shared her experiences with us, both, personal and professional, negative and positive.

Vjollca Sadiku, journalist, writer of a documentary, wife, mother and performer writes about her experience as follows: 

“The team of kindergarten Breshia asked me to be a participant in a project, to talk about my sensitivity, about my experiences. It’s really hard for events, life has both ups and downs, there are good ones, there are bad ones, there are many times that have made us mourn, weep, but there are times when we have enjoyed, laughed, life is not always good, but in my professional mind there is something in my memory that even when I remember it I say very well that that period has passed. When the residents of Kosovo came to us, who were driven out of the war, there was a mother who didn’t’t know where her baby was, howling, screaming, screaming, my baby, my baby, that mother was crying, I couldn’t afford it, instead of giving to her courage that we would find, it made me feel crying, we immediately ran, we contacted all Macedonian colleagues which are working on various television stations to alert a four-year-old child is lost. The mother was crying because they had driven her by bus, but said the child was in Macedonia. But for two and a half hours with all the colleagues, with all the connections we could, we tried to find the baby. But a few hours later a colleague from our town of Kicevo called us and told us that the baby is in Kicevo, we sent a special team to take the baby, and until the baby arrived in Debar I don’t know how many tears I shed with baby’s mother, even now when I tell I’m overwhelmed by emotions. It was Mrs. Sevdije Vojnika when we reunited the mother with the baby, I don’t know, I don’t have that feeling, even if we did well, but also to separate the mother from the baby, that was one thing I don’t want to remember much because it’s a very bad period. Everyone wants to achieve something more but fails I don’t know, I’m a bit optimistic by nature as I give to myself hope, I’ve always tried to get to work where I want to, I didn’t want the trick, I don’t know, ever even with colleagues when I talk to them I tell them if they can, if they can’t it is not the end of the world, but I’m always happy with what I does.”

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