Ambasciatori dell’alta sensibilita’

Il modulo 4 (AMBASCIATORI DI ALTA SENSIBILITÀ) presenta podcast – storie di personaggi famosi dell’arte, della scienza, degli affari, della musica, che rappresentano sei paesi europei, che hanno condiviso le loro esperienze personali di persone altamente sensibili. La loro prospettiva, da adulti, che descrive le esperienze della prima infanzia porta molte informazioni preziose sulla comprensione del mondo, l’ambiente del bambino altamente sensibile.

Giorgio Battistelli

Born in Albano Laziale in 1953, Giorgio Battistelli studied composition at the Conservatory of L’Aquila where he received his diploma in 1978. At the same time he attended seminars given by Karlheinz Stockhausen and Mauricio Kagel in Cologne. In 1978-1979 he took courses in contemporary music theatre taught by Jean Pierre Drouet and Gaston Sylvestre in Paris.

Carola Finotti

Born in Rome on July 27, 2007, to the sound of Bach’s Brandenburg concerts, Carola has been breathing music ever since she came into the world. At the age of three she started the study of rhythmics by attending the CESMI Suzuki Center.

Podcast dei partner

Natalia Niemen

Natalia Niemen (born on January 24, 1976 in Warsaw) – Polish singer, violist, author of texts and music, painter. Natalia Niemen is the daughter of the musician Czesław Niemen and Małgorzata Niemen, a model; her younger sister Eleonora Niemen is also a singer.

Mietek Szcześniak

Mieczysław Szcześniak was born in 1964 in Kalisz – a Polish singer, composer and songwriter, representing Poland at the 44th Eurovision Song Contest. He had his debut in the music band Ikara as a six-year-old. Later on in 1984 recorded his first songs for Polish Radio in Szczecin with the band Funk Factory.

Tomasz Korpanty

Tomasz Korpanty Singer, author of teksts and music, music producer and publisher. Graduate of The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, faculty: stage vocalism and graduate of the Academy of Music in Łódź, class of profesor Renata Danel.

María Fernández

María Fernández was born in Córdoba in 1994. She is a teacher of primary English education. She is graduated in Bilingual Primary Teaching at the University of Granada and completed a Master in Educational Research and Innovation. She is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.

Iria Fariñas

Iria Fariñas was born in Madrid in 1996. She is a writer, organizer of literary events and a plastic artist. She studied Plastic Arts as well as a professional training in Visual Arts at Coco School.

Raquel Marichal

Raquel Marichal was born in 1981 in Tenerife (Canary Islands). She defines herself as a person with a “high perceptibility” and that sensitivity marked her life, leading her through a process that ended up discovering herself, with her virtues, strengths and weaknesses.

Alicia Toledo

Alicia Toledo was born in Tenerife (Canary Island) 46 years ago. She identifies as a highly sensitive person, mother of a highly sensitive girl. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, he was walking in the self-discovery of who was she and that led her to strengthen herself and decide to travel as a way of getting to know and learning.

Diana Mocanu

Diana Mocanu is a digital artist, who obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Art, Graphic department, at the National University of Arts Bucharest, in the 2019 class of Professor Anca Boeriu.

As a student, during the “Aici-Acolo” Exhibition held at the Cotroceni Palace, she participated in the annex dedicated to the 1989 Revolution. She helped organize the  “What Next ? – 2019 Graduation Exhibition in the BCR Palace” exhibition and participated with her own graduation project, “Introspection”. After graduating, an animated movie she created was showcased in the “GRAFICA T NĂRĂ. Supermarketul de ARTĂ” exhibition, organized by the Galateca Gallery and NeoArt Romania Association.

Besides digital painting and illustrations, her passions include, most notably, long-form prose writing and, very occasionally, 3d modelling.

Alexandra Cristea

Alexandra Cristea attends the courses of Mihai Eminescu College from Bucharest where she studies her favourite subjects – history, literature and foreign languages.

She is very passionate about music, digital art, and expressing her feelings through writing on her blog and journaling, having an impressive journals collection. She also loves to counsel her friends and understand the meaning of emotional experiences.

Vjollca Sadiku

Vjollca Sadiku is born in Debar, in North Macedonia. She finished elementary and high school in her hometown, Debar, and the faculty at the University of Tetovo in the field of journalism. She has worked for many local radio stations in Debar, she has also worked for regional television, currently is a journalist for Channel 3 in Debar and writes for several different newspapers: Time, Pensioner Plus etc.

Kenan Mimidinoski

Kenan Mimidinoski was born in Debar, in North Macedonia. He finished his elementary and high school in his hometown, Debar, and the Faculty of Law at the Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. In high school, together with his brothers and some friends, they created the Enigma band, the first rock band in Debar to perform concerts in all North Macedonia and they sing in three languages. He has worked for many television stations and newspapers as a journalist during his carrier. He is currently writing a book that will be published next year.