Invitation to participation in the next stage of the project research

Next stage of the project Research in E-Motion project is about to start! We are happy to open the registration phase and invite Parents Teachers of pre school and primary school students from Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Spain and Italy to take part in the next stage of study with the use of child sensitivity measurement tool.

The tools should be filled in by an adult:

  • parent
  • teacher

EVERYONE can participate in the study, not only people whose who identify this trait in their children or students. There will be project platform developed within project which will contain useful information, resources and supporting materials in working with a highly sensitive children, as well as the previously mentioned high sensitivity measurement tool.

Your participation in the study will allow us to improve the methods of supporting children with this trait and will give you access to materials, which will support you in working with them. Moreover, teachers participating in the study will receive a certificate of participation in the work of an international project.

Your help is invaluable to us!

To take part in the study (complete the questionnaire), please submit via the spreadsheet:

Then, in the return e-mail you will receive a TOKEN, a unique code that allows you to log in to the questionnaire: (after selecting the appropriate language, you will be directed to the questionnaire’s questions). Filling the whole takes several minutes.

The teacher receives a code for himself (with questions about professional work) and a pool of TOKENS, through which he answers questions about students in his class / kindergarten group – for each student separately.

The parent receives one TOKEN. * [If you have more than one child 3-10 years old, please write that you will be allocated a larger number of TOKENS].
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us:

You can participate in testing individually, you can also participate including the school in which you work or your children who attend it. If you want your school to participate in testing the tool and receive a certificate of participation in the work of an international project – please contact us.

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