Partner institutions and people who co-create this important project!

After many intense changes, we have the pleasure of officially introducing you to our team members! In the coming days, we will present information about partner institutions and people who co-create this important project!

  • The University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin is the largest non-public university in eastern Poland, known for its practical approach for the profession and extensive cooperation with enterprises.
  • The University of Alicante (UA) was founded in 1979. Currently, it educates and trains over 36,000 students – of which 2,500 are foreign students – offering over 80 undergraduate and 96 postgraduate programs.
  • The University of La Laguna, the oldest in the Canary Islands, has over 200 years of history and is an institution open to the world.
  • The metropolitan capital of Rome, with over 4.3 million inhabitants, is the largest metropolitan city in Italy.
  • Expert Psy – an association founded in 2014, whose aim is to support and promote the development of psychology as a science and profession, and to increase the professionalism of psychologists.
  • The municipal kindergarten “Breshia” is a public institution subordinate to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of North Macedonia, established in 1969. Currently, is hosting over 400 students within 3 kindergartens in the city of Debar

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