National workshop of E-MOTION in Tivoli (Rome)

On the 24th June, Tivoli hosted the E-motion national workshop, organized in cooperation with Istituto Comprensivo Tivoli IV – Pacifici.

A workshop conceived to allow parents, teachers and other professionals to experience the advantages of the comprehensive model for highly sensitive children designed in the framework of the E-motion project.

The 96 participants of this edition followed the training in presence and online.

The first objective of the training was to familiarize participants with the variety of tools, educational strategies and scaffolding techniques developed by the E-motion project. The second objective was to reflect on the different issues and challenges related to teaching and education highly sensitive children.

All participants were full of praise for the smooth organisation, the complex content and the inspiring lecturers Mario Tallarico, Maria Fabiani, Alessia Bulla, and Tonino Novelli, the two teacher testimonials, Francesca De Nicola and Pina Camilleri, and the two parent testimonials, Ignazio Gioia, and Live Kindamba Kajinga. Ms Virginia Belli, head of one of the E-motion pilot schools chaired the event.

This is what some of the participants expressed about the training:

  • It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a training like this one that much! It’s not only that Maria and Alessia have been really amazing trainers, it is also the usefulness of contents and tools and how they have shown us. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve seen a lot of possibilities to use them in my classes
  • I really enjoyed the training and believe that, given the circumstances, you organized everything in the best possible way

  • I indeed enjoyed much the course and learnt plenty of useful things. I am very glad that I had participated and would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to join the workshop

  • Listening to testimonials from Pina, Francesca and the parents was inspiring, their stories were very powerful and compelling, well done to everybody for speaking

  • I was very moved by Tonino Novelli’s video, that says so more than words.

  • Joining Maria’s training was a kind of magic…

  • Francesca’s presentation was intellectually captivating, of great interest, and very informative.

  • E-motion is a great project and collaboration network. I was very impressed by the testimonials from teachers and parents. I’d like to participate in next activities

  • It was already my second training with Maria as trainer, she is doing this in an excellent way

  • I very much enjoyed the training, and I am already putting it into practice

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