“Ambassadors” of High Sensitivity – First PODCAST!

An important part of our project is to spread knowledge about sensitivity. We are pleased to introduce our high-sensitivity ‘ambassadors’ – people who share their experiences and insights on this unique temperament feature.

Natalia Niemen, artist, singer, wife, mother, performer writes about her experience as follows:
“I have been invited to take part in a conversation about highly sensitive people. This will be a series of podcasts that will appear on the websites of global universities doing research on highly sensitivity. People from the world of music and other arts will be interviewed. I share this for a reason because, as a person since childhood struggling with mega hypersensitivity and quite a common misunderstanding associated with this fact, for many years I could not find myself in the world. That is why I understand so sensitive people very much and I am glad that I have such people among friends. I wrote about it and still write more songs, and my artistic works are swarming with this kind of curse of hypersensitivity. If it works, maybe this year I will start recording them on the album …? … I have a lot of wonderful hypersensitive friends here on Facebook, and I would like to remind you, my dear, that you are not alone! Thanks to you (us), the world is more colorful, although we often have enough of ourselves and this too much weighting inner wealth in us. Maybe it’s a poor consolation in situations when you don’t want to feel that way and you feel it. You hate seeing what most people can’t see, and you can’t help seeing it. Once again you are sure that when you open your mouth you will want to say so few words so much, because you know that people are irritated or even rage your words, your full frills descriptions, then you will not succeed, because … just you are overwhelmed too much with invisible tentacles around (sometimes it hurts everything) and you just can’t say it in two sentences. You are ashamed of tearfulness and morning pits. You feel powerless telling someone about mega important and clearly felt by you, seen through internal eyes things, facts, and he looks at you as a crazy person or as a speaker in a non-existent dialect. Oh! As long as life goes on, it’s easy to start hating yourself deeper and harder …. Hypersensitivity in a certain part of society is a fact. Hypersensitivity as a set of features of the connective tissue of the body, soul and spirit cannot be changed. Instead, you can moderate, learn to respond appropriately, and control your thoughts and behaviors. Friendly, empathic and understanding people who are close to us and who support us by making progress will be encouraged by positive reinforcement instead of criticism” About Natalia Niemen: http://www.natalianiemen.pl/

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